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Innovative Interior Glass Walls – New Spring Trends

If you’re looking to upgrade your interior design, adding an interior glass wall will provide you with the ability to design a space that is both individual and trendy.

New Spring Trends in Glass Walls

Adding interior glass walls to your existing home is easier than you might think. Where it can get a bit tricky is in deciding where to place them, because the options are endless…

For example, you could add elegant sliding doors to your lounge area, allowing you to transform the living space between dining and lounge rooms. Open the doors wide to enjoy a space for family celebrations, or close them to create an intimate corner for a small dinner party or where you might enjoy a nightcap.

If you don’t want such a permanent fixture, a new spring trend is to add a glass divider instead. At CustomCote we offer the latest in interior sliding doors and partitions. Our versatile door system delivers design flexibility, ultra­quiet, smooth rolling action and a modern look unavailable with any other system in the market. Add a glass partition to your family room, creating a quiet space for you to read a book while still keeping one eye on the kids.

Thinking your wardrobe could do with a bit of a face lift? Try adding glass wardrobe doors for a touch of sophistication. At CustomCote, our glass doors can be used as wardrobe doors,providing a unique look, while adding to the aesthetics of your home and providing additional light to your bedroom.

Not only can our glass doors be used in the bedroom, but you can use them as room entry doors, cavity sliders, pantry doors, room dividers and media room doors (or anywhere else you may need them).

Simply mix and match panel inserts to create a unique looking door that will compliment your interior scheme.

Adding Glass Walls to New Builds

If you’re in the middle of building your new home or are about to start the process, you can easily add any of our glass wall or door products to your build.

If your interior colours scheme includes light, earthy tones, or natural cool colours,our clear glass doors will set off these elements within your home.

If you have darker colours in mind, adding a cloudy finish to your glass doors will provide an additional layer of sophistication that won’t interfere with your overall colour scheme.

If you want to brighten up a space, adding colour to your glass interior wall is also a great option. All of our door inserts can be coloured to any colour featured in the dulux range. Simply chat to one of our staff about your specific requirements.

Are you ready to add some unique finishing touches to your home? Contact the team at CustomCote today to get a free quote and find out how we can help you get started.

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